DEL MAR, CA 92014

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Del Mar Hills Nursery School is licensed for 60 children. It admits children from 2 1/2 years, through the age of six. A child may not be six on the first of September, but may turn six during the school year. A child needs to be toilet learned before beginning school. While recognizing that accidents do happen, we do not have a diaper changing area for children still wearing diapers.


To gain admission for a child, parents need to visit the school, observe, and have a tour with the Director or Assistant Director. The purpose of the tour is to acquaint the parent with the philosophy of the school, and give them a chance to see if the school is a good “fit” for their family. Del Mar Hills Nursery School suggests that parents visit more than one school so that they can make an informed decision for their child.


Once a parent has decided to send his/her child to Del Mar Hills Nursery School, an enrollment form is completed, and an enrollment fee, tuition deposit and rest roll fee is paid.


In the event the schedule a parent desires for his/her child is filled, the child’s name may be placed on a “wish list” if they decide to first enroll with an available schedule. If the administration is able, we will move the child to the preferred schedule once an opening becomes available in the order the wish list was made.  Otherwise, the family may be put on a “wait list” and the administration will go to that list if all requests have been made to the wish list first. In order to be fair to all applicants, the list is first-come, first-served. Spaces are filled according to the hours of the opening, and the age group that has an opening.


In addition to other forms required by Community Care Licensing, upon enrollment, parents fill out a Parent’s Report on their child’s health, and a Physician’s Report. The physician’s Report gives the child’s medical history and immunization history.


Once a family is enrolled at Del Mar Hills Nursery School, the schedule they choose is consistent for the contracted year.  The school offers a re-enrollment process in January where parents are able to choose a new schedule for the upcoming school year, beginning July or August.  Current families and siblings re-enroll the beginning of January.  Past families are able to enroll mid-January and new families who have already toured the school have the opportunity to enroll at the end of January.


A child needs to be toilet learned before the start of school. If your child needs to wear pull-ups, we consider this not toilet learned. We will however allow children to wear pull-ups only while napping if provided by the parent.


At the beginning of the year, teachers will take the 2 & 3 year olds to the toilet during their 9 a.m. group time and every hour thereafter. Teachers will provide assistance when needed but children should be dressed in non-restrictive clothing to make their toileting more successful.


If your child is not toilet learned by June 1st you will need to notify us. Once notified, you have several options:


  1. Opt to pull your child’s enrollment in which you will be reimbursed for tuition deposit.
  2. Opt to place your child on an “On Hold” status, which means that we keep your fees, you don’t pay tuition, we offer your spot to another family, we will work your child into an opening when toilet learning is completed and when we have availability. If your child is not potty trained or a spot does not become available for the contracted school year, you may enroll for the next school year with the fees we have “on hold” from the previous year. If you do not enroll the year following your first contracted school year, all fees are non-refundable.
  3. Opt to continue to secure your child’s spot by paying tuition on the contracted start date. Whenever the toilet learning process is completed, your child may start.


If you do not notify us by June 1st, we will assume there isn’t a toilet learning issue and will continue to reserve your child’s enrollment spot. The “On Hold” status will no longer be available after June 1st.
After June 1st, if your child is unable to start at the contracted time due to a delay in toilet learning you have 2 options:


  1. Opt to continue to secure your child’s spot by paying tuition on the contracted start date.
  2. Opt to pull your child’s enrollment, forfeit tuition deposit and enrollment fees and restart the enrollment process when your child is toilet learned. This would include new payment of the enrollment fees and tuition deposit.