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Each year at Del Mar Hills Nursery School, comprehensive evaluations are held so that we can effectively meet the changing needs of our students, their parents and our staff.


During these evaluations:


  • The Teaching Staff provides Parents with two written Developmental Profiles, one in the Fall and one in the Spring
  • The Teaching Staff completes written evaluations of the Administrative Staff and Directors;
  • The Teaching Staff performs written Self-Evaluations;
  • The Directors complete written evaluations of (and individual oral conferences with) the Teaching Staff; and
  • Parents offer oral feedback during conferences and are asked to complete a written evaluation of the Staff and Program.


A vital part of our evaluation process is the Parents’ evaluation of our staff and program.


The following are excerpts from the “Comments” section of the Parent Evaluations we received. We thought you might enjoy them as much as we did!


“I cannot say enough good things about this school. I took my son out of another school where several things were mismanaged. Everyone at Del Mar Hills Nursery School goes above and beyond. It is so obvious they put their hearts in their jobs. It is an exceptional school. I feel very fortunate my son is there.”


“I feel the philosophy of this program at DMHNS is very supportive to the development of my child. The staff is welcoming and shows high levels of commitment and professionalism. They are also very sensitive to individual children’s needs. The school provides a consistent schedule and core staff that makes my daughter feel secure. The varied materials and equipment provided makes every day interesting and allow her to explore varied mediums and social roles. It also allows her to learn to work independently as well as cooperatively. Her exploration through child-directed activities as well as teacher guided activities results in a great sense of accomplishment and a joy of learning. I value the structured part of her program (Group-time, pre-kindergarten class and Orff music class) not only for the targeted skills she’s acquiring but also for the associated skills such as listening, following directions and cooperating. I considered a number of preschools in this area and had enrolled my daughter in a summer preschool prior to our move to San Diego. The advantages of this program that I saw prior to enrolling her here were the inclusion of a daily music class, a combination of structured pre-K activities and free-choice time, child directed learning, interesting equipment and materials, and value given to both individual and cooperative (group) play. These have proven to be great assets to the program but what I have come to value most about the school is the respect that the staff shows to the students, the parents (and other family members) and the learning process.”


“I have felt that all the teaching staff has always been very loving & interested in the need of my child.”


“We are very happy with the school. It provides a wonderful environment for our child. Our child loves it as well.”


“We have had two children in the program and we have been thrilled with their experiences. Whenever we have had any concern the staff has been great in listening and addressing them. Both of our children have been happy, content and excited to go to school in this program.”


“I wish every child had the opportunity to experience this program during their preschool years. It’s wonderful! And it will make a positive, lasting influence on their future.”


“I am blessed my son could attend DMHNS! Awesome place to be!”


“The notes the staff writes with observations/injuries are helpful.”


“At Del Mar Hills Nursery School, there is a positive environment that nurtures the children and follows the child’s pace. It is a place where time seems to slow down a bit and the children are treated as cherished individuals, and given every opportunity to grow in their own unique direction, learning along the way.”


“I cannot imagine a better place to put my son. I wish I could find something negative to say to make it even better but it’s just totally impossible to find something. I’m grateful every day to the lady next door who told me that DMHNS was the place for my son. Of course I’m even more thankful to all the working staff who help my son to survive in this new San Diego land.”


“Del Mar Hills Nursery School is a wonderful school.”


“I have had 2 children at DMHNS and am very pleased with the progress of both of my sons. When I first moved to Del Mar I called the local school for a reference for a nursery school and this was the school recommended by Del Mar School district.”


“The evolution over the past year to an even more attractive school, coinciding with implementation of some Reggio Emilia learning ideas, has really enriched my son’s time at Del Mar Hills.”


“I feel the program has the right amount of structured time vs. free choice time. The music every day is a wonderful part of my child’s day. Mrs. Schaub is a great asset to the program with her background.”


“My child really enjoys her time at the school. Being enrolled in this program has really brought out her interest in music.”


“What makes this school so wonderful is the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff members. They are such a diverse and interesting group, and they really do make a difference.”


“I think that the school has a wonderful program and that the children seem so happy. I think the choices available promote their imagination.”


“DMHNS has a very nurturing and enriching program. It has been almost ideal and has fostered tremendous growth in my child.”


“Although communication at the school remains a challenge based on the floating staff, there have been good improvements by using logs in the rooms and sometimes notes. I would still like to have more individual feedback on a weekly basis. Otherwise, we are extremely happy with the school & staff!”


“I am so pleased with the staff & environment at DMHNS. When I come in the morning I (and my son) are always greeted with friendly faces, exciting projects, & a clean environment. I know the program is safe, innovative, & interactive via daily discussions with teachers regarding my child or the info slips sent home. I think the program, curriculum, & philosophy are the best in this area, and I’ve seen a lot! Thanks a lot.”


“The school is a very secure and warm place for the children to play and learn. In addition, parents are very much welcome to be at the school any time of the day. The school staff is very friendly and helpful.”


“We like the school setting and classes. We think the environment brings out our kids best personality. Teachers are always loving and caring.”


A BIG “thank you” to all the families who filled out a program evaluation. This is a valuable tool that we use to look at all aspects of our program. We are taking steps to address the concerns that were brought to our attention.