The Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Room provides a developmentally appropriate space for our four and five year olds.  This room is set up on a daily basis with new activities to academically prepare our children for their future elementary school experiences.


The room provides a more academic and structured program but still allows for the freedom and free choice of areas that interest individual children. The room is equipped with a variety of materials including those by Maria Montessori to help children learn through the use of all their senses.


Along with the Montessori equipment a combination of traditional curriculum materials are organized on the shelves to help encourage the children to reach specific goals in basic mathematics and phonics.




A child playing with parquetry blocks is developing motor planning skills, eye-hand coordination, early part/whole concepts and shape recognition. This play helps to improve problem solving, categorizing, spatial relations and matching.


Since 1987, Del Mar Hills Nursery School has been offering a Kindergarten Program. This class is limited to ten students and is in session from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. Extended hours are available for your child from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


This small class offers an opportunity for individual attention and your child’s emotional well -being — one more year in a familiar, comfortable environment.


We offer all aspects of education required by law in our kindergarten curriculum. Listed below are the curriculum guidelines:

  1. Language
    Oral expression
    Reading readiness
    Beginning writing – manuscript
  2. Mathematics
    Number Concepts
    Shapes, sequencing, measuring
    Simple math
  3. Social Studies and Science
    Self Concept
    Our environment
  4. Special Interests
  5. Orff Schulwerk
    To be continued on an appropriate level



We encourage our parents to give this class consideration as enrollments for the September Kindergarten classes are accepted in January. This class is 4 hours long with a recess period and half hour music and movement Orff class.


With the exception of napping or resting, the afternoons offer open-ended playtime in the three free choice areas, and in the later afternoon we offer children’s yoga and more structured activities. Snack is served at 2:00 pm and is available later for the children who nap. An early evening snack is served to children who are at the school until 6 pm.


After the daylight savings time change, the playground closes at 4:30 pm. The children have a special story, puppet show, game or activity prior to our late snack served at 5:15 pm. Children engage in activities of their choice prior to closing time at 6:00 pm.


Primary age group teachers assess children on their developmental progress twice a year. The teachers consider the five domains of child development: cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development for their assessment.