The Pre-school Program

The Preschool Program curriculum at Del Mar Hills Nursery School operates on an open plan.  This means that during most of the day the preschool aged children are able to choose where they would like to play with and in what activity they will engage in.  Snack is served to each age group during their morning group time, which meets with their consistent group time teacher between 9:00am and 10:00 am.  After group times, the preschool children are able to choose activities from the Art Studio, Froebel Playroom and the Outdoor Classroom where teachers have thoughtfully set up developmentally appropriate materials to encourage social, emotional, creative, cognitive and physical development.


We feel our open setting contributes to socialization and a feeling of well being in the child.  It gives the child some control over his/her life at the school.  Each day the preschool child has a half hour of music and movement in our Orff program.  With the exception of napping, the afternoon is organized similarly to the mornings.  Snack is served at 2:00 pm and is available later for the children who nap. An early evening snack is served to the children who stay at the school until 6:00 pm. Children who are enrolled until 5:00pm or 6:00pm are enrolled in a children’s yoga program once per week and an activity group, once per week.



pre-school-content-imageDuring group times children become a community of learners cultivating relationships among adults and other children supporting development and learning