DEL MAR, CA 92014

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  1. The Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE at the time of payment. _____ initial


  1. Tuition is an annual charge based on the current month. Each child has a reserved place; no tuition refunds or make-up time can be given. Therefore, as the school is open year round and the staff is present, no exceptions to this policy can be made. _____ initial


  1. All fees, except monthly tuition, are due at the time the application is accepted. The fees are as follows:
    a. Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fees (annually) NON REFUNDABLE
    b. Tuition Deposit (one time) REFUNDED LAST MONTH _____ initial


  1. Tuition is due on the first day the child attends school and on the first day of each month thereafter. Payment received later than the eighth day of the month is subject to a $20 late charge. Returned check charge is $25.If there is a returned check, tuition payment must be made in cash.  _____ initial


  1. Once your child starts at DMHNS, tuition deposits are applied the last month of enrollment. In order to receive a tuition deposit application during the school year (September 1st through June 30th), the request must be received by the 30th of the preceding month. If written notice is not received, the tuition deposit will be forfeited. Request for tuition deposit application given after June 1st will not be honored for the months July and August.  ______initial


  1. If you re-enroll your child for this school year and decide to withdraw your child prior to the start of the school year, written notice must be received prior to June 1st in order to receive the tuition deposit refund.  ______initial


  1. While your child is a student of DMHNS you must enroll in either July and/or August. Notice of which month you choose must be given to administration at the time of enrollment. Changes in month choice either July or August will not be accepted after June 1st.   _____ initial


  1. We will keep your child before or after the contracted schedule time (prior to 6:00 pm) however, you will be charged for extra hours @ $10 per hour ($2.50 every 15 minutes) on your next bill. Prior approval must be given by administration before any changes are made to your child’s schedule.  _____ initial


  1. We open at 7 am and close at 6 pm. Children picked up after 6 pm will be charged a late fee. (6:00-6:10 pm: $10 + $1 per minute thereafter, per child.)  _____ initial


  1. There is no reduction for illness, scheduled holidays or family vacations. Tuition is not reduced for school closings. _____ initial


  1. The school will give thirty (30) days notice prior to a tuition change. _____ initial


  1. Tuition includes: snacks, milk and juice, Pre-school, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Orff Schulwerk.  _____ initial




  1. No Person other than those listed on the identification and emergency information form will be allowed to pick up a child unless a permission note is written by the child’s parent or legal guardian in advance. Children must be signed in and out of the school by adults only.  _____ initial


  1. The school provides a cot for each napper. Parents provide a small blanket for their napping child. All parents are to purchase a nap/rest mat from the school. This mat is the property of the parent and is to be taken home when the child leaves DMHNS permanently.  _____ initial


  1. DMHNS provides daily snacks. Parents provide a packed lunch for their child.  _____ initial


  1. For safety reasons, do not use the driveway. Park on the street, not in the red zone.  _____ initial


  1. It is recommended that parents visit often with their child prior to starting school.  _____initial


  1. In the event of an area wide emergency, DMHNS will follow Del Mar Union School District closings    _____initial


  1. For safety reasons, please don’t allow your child to climb in bushes or on walls & rails in the front of the school. _____initial


  1. Parents are required to provide a professional behavioral assessment if DMHNS administration deems it necessary. ______initial


I acknowledge the receipt of Parents’ Rights and Personal Rights, and I understand and accept the above Terms of Enrollment. I have toured the school. I have received and read the Parent Handbook and understand the school’s philosophy and policies.


Parent’s Signature_______________________________________  Date ____________________