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Thank-you all for your devotion, love and dedication in making the past couple of years wonderful for Billy.  He loves the school and all of you! We look forward to continuing the journey with all of you when Luke comes.

- The Krauss Family

We are extremely grateful for all the kindness, caring, attention, and help you have all given to Jacob to help him work on his goals. He has made a lot of progress in his social  skills and Del Mar Hills Nursery School was the perfect setting for him to practice during  unstructured playtime in the afternoon.

- The Taylor Family

Our family selected Del Mar Hills Nursery School because of its underlying philosophy.  Yet, a theory is meaningless if not adhered to by those responsible for implementing  the ideas.  All of you do that impeccably.  We do see the children mastering their environment, facing new challenges, eager to learn (and learning so much) and establishing close and meaningful adult peer relationships.  It is heartwarming to see the cross teaching and helping that takes place between the children and see the establishment of rich friendships.  You have provided the foundation for their ongoingeducation and development of healthy relationships.  We see Abby eager to learn, caring of others and proud of her skills.  We credit all of you for instilling these traits in her.  So thank-you for providing so much caring, patience, supervision and wisdom to Abby.  We value what you do immensely and will miss you all deeply. We can’t wait to bring Sam.  One year and counting!”

- Ernesto and Marsha

Thank-you.  Sylvie has bloomed here, just as Elsa did. . . we have felt loved and supported all of our years here – you all feel like family now.  What a wonderful preschool and first learning environment you have all created together with your warm energy, your patience, your creativity, and your love

- The Demko’s

Thank you all so much for making Odin’s first year at Preschool so wonderful.  We truly appreciate all the time and effort that is put in to create such a fun and caring environment.  We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic place for Odin and are excited for all three boys to be a part of it in the Fall.

- The Paterson Family

Thank-you for 4 great years for our two children.  They both thrived at Del mar Hills Nursery School and learned so much.  More importantly they were cared for and comfortable and LOVED coming to see you all every day.  You became part of our family.  We will a lways have fond memories of Del Mar Hills Nursery School and all your smiles.  We will miss you tons and hope to see you around.

- The Gano Family

Our son has had an amazing year.  He’s thriving emotionally, socially, and developmentally, thanks to your love, support and patience.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

- Duda Zecevic

Just wanted to thank you one last time for running such a great school.  Our children have really blossomed the last two years.  Their self-esteem and social awareness is so high right now.  We only hope the next umpteen years will be half as rewarding.  Our many memories of Del mar Hills Nursery School will be cherished.  Your efforts have really made a difference in our families life.  Thank-you.

- Logan, Alayna, and Allan

Just wanted to thank you one last time for running such a great school.  Our children have really blossomed the last two years.  Their self-esteem and social awareness is so high right now.  We only hope the next umpteen years will be half as rewarding.  Our many memories of Del mar Hills Nursery School will be cherished.  Your efforts have really made a difference in our families life.  Thank-you.

- Logan, Alayna, and Allan

Saying “Thank-you” is not nearly enough to express how much we appreciate each and every one of you!  For the past three years you have been a part of our family.  You have helped shape our boys into responsible, inquisitive and caring individuals.  With you guidance, they have transformed from toddlers into little boys.  Aside from learning how to draw, use scissors and write their names, they have learned to make friends, follow rules and show respect for all living things.  They have learned to sing and dance and have developed a true love for music.  Your patience and creative, caring ways have provided them with the best foundation for what lies ahead.  We couldn’t be more pleased!  We will miss seeing you every day, but plan to come visit!  With Warmest Gratitude,

- The Dominguez Family

Thank-you so much for having Clara in this amazing school!  You all were great role models for Clara – we are truly lucky that we found you to guide her development during the past year.  Clara will definitely keep many happy memories of San Diego, many of which she owes to you and her friends at Del Mar Hillls Nursery School.  We were delighted by your way of teaching and playing with the children, and felt comfortable leaving Clara with you  from the very first day.  Thank-you!

- Maria and Thorton

Thank-you for creating such a loving and enriching environment for Anika.  One of a parent’s greatest dreams is for their child to develop a love for school and learning and in one short week you have done just that!  It was an extremely difficulty week for me feeling the loss of time with Anika after 3 years of being home with her.  But as I watched her each morning asking with great excitement “Is today a school day?” and having to drag her out of school each afternoon, it helped me to know that Anika is so happy and that as parents we selected the very best school for her to grow in.  Thanks for putting my mind at ease and we look forward to all that the upcoming year has to offer.

- Stacy Salz

I just wanted to thank-you and your amazing staff of teachers for all the wonderful memories we have of Del Mar Hills Nursery School.  You run such a special nursery school and I am so grateful our boys had the opportunity to experience it.  I often share with other parents how much we have loved “our preschool” and have realized that the schools are not all the same or even close.  Thank-you for always caring and making every child feel safe, loved and free to be themselves while at school.  We will miss you and hope to come back for visitis! Thank-you again.

- The Aberle Family

Words are not enough to express our thanks and appreciation for taking such wonderful care of Zachery and Matthew.  They are the boys they are today in large part due to your patience, your consideration, and your love!  We are forever grateful for the wonderful 5 years with you and remember you all fondly.

- The Dukering Family

How can we ever thank-you enough for the wonderful work you do every day with all the Del Mar Hills Nursery School children?!  Riley has loved every minute of the (all-too-short) year he has spent with you all – as I!  He absolutely LOVES coming to preschool each day and I have always felt so blessed that each day he is nurtures, cared for, educated and guided by a group of such special, loving, patient, committed people.  He is well prepared for his next step into Transitional Kindergarten.  I know he will miss all his friends and teachers at Del Mar Hills Nursery School and I know I will too!

- Riley, Jade, Kylie and Brett McKinnon-Smiths

Mrs. Trump we would like to thank you and your staff for two amazing years.  We will never forget Emilia’s first day, when you took her in your arms and helped her calm down.  Your school is a very special place.  The teachers are caring, loving and dedicated professionals.  We will miss them dearly.  Emilia LOVES to go to school thanks to the wonderful experience of the past two years.  Her favorite days are the ones she gets to be in her “escuela” all day long.  Just the perfect start for the rest of her school years.  We feel very lucky to have had the chance to be a part of your great family.  You will always have a special place in our hearts.

- Dr. Hector and Lourdes Caballero

I have greatly valued our time at your school.  Your staff has always treated my children with warmth, and a level of genuine affection that I only hoped to find when I first enrolled Cole 3 years ago.  Your school is a special place, where children can explore and imagine without shifting limits, and grow into their budding personalities.  I appreciate the support I received during difficult times as  well as magical ones.

- Valerie Charat

Thank-you for having such a wonderful preschool and for including us in your family for the past few years.  We will miss seeing all of you.  I attribute my children’s preparedness for life and elementary school and beyond to your creative focus and to your organic ideologies.  We appreciate all you have done for our children and our community.  If only your school went to high school!

- Christina Cook

It is our pleasure to express our appreciation of the wonderful work you and your team are conducting at your school.  Both our children made impressive progress in English, social skills, and music during their stay at your school.  And, most important, we were happy to see them enjoying school and hear “Take me to school today” almost every morning.  We had an opportunity to compare Del Mar Hills Nursery School to schools in several other cities around the US.  Your school stands out in having excellent curriculum, myriad of diverse, creative activities, excellent management, and caring dedicated staff.  Many of your teachers became close to our family and will be dearly missed.  We wish all of you continuing success in making your school an unforgettable experience for the students, teachers and parents alike.

- Arcady and Irina

Thank-you so much for all the wonderful experiences Ava has had while attending your school.  In the two years she spent at Del Mar Hills Nursery School she has grown in so many amazing ways. From all the wonderful instructors to yoga, dance, music, play, art, and most importatntly, friends.  Ava is now rich with many positive character-building memories going forward.  Thank-you for helping to make Ava a more polite, courteous and confident person.  We will miss each and every one of you very much! Thank-you so much.

- Ava and the Dreben Family

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your support, encouragement and love each and every one of your fantastic teachers has shown Ava.  What an incredible peace of mind we had as parents to know she was in such a nurturing, creative, playful environment every day. She is a more assured, confident child because of her Del Mar Hills Nursery School experience.  Thank-you for kicking  off her school experience in such a positive way.

- Shannon Jordan and Tony Burger

From Yelp

As a developmental psychologist for over 25 years, I have the opportunity to observe and work with many nursery and preschools.  I have nothing but positive things to say about Del Mar Hills Nursery School.  In fact, I can safely say this is one of the best setting I have encountered over the years.


The school has a strong philosophical base on well-researched approaches to child development and learning.  Like another reviewer pointed out, Del Mar Hills draws on work of:  Reggio Emilia, Orff Schulwerk, Froebel and Montessori. These approaches trust the innate ability of a child to explore and learn through play, music, art with adult support.  For many children this type of approach helps a child to love the process of learning.  They develop a confidence and self-trust in his/her ability to be productive and learn.


Del Mar Hills Nursery school, implement this approach fully and with incredible competence.  Of note to me is how many staff have been teaching there for years, it is rare for a childcare setting to have such incredible staff that do not move to other positions.  Staff retention always, tells you that the program is good and the staff care about the children.


The physical environment is very conducive for learning.  Not only is it kept neat, but the level of organization of materials and children’s belongs lends itself to helping the children maintain emotional regulation (a visually chaotic environment decreases ones ability to self-regulate).  The children are allowed to determine what activities they engage in and adults are readily available to provide support and guidance.


The one caveat for parents is to consider what your child needs in a nursery school setting.  Most children thrive in a setting based on a child-directed learning experience, such as Del Mar Hills.  However, a few children need a more directive learning approach.  With this said, you can trust the staff at Del Mar Hills to let you know if your child needs a different approach.  I have seen them do this when a child can use more support than the natural environment provides.


Additionally, Del Mar Hills has been open to parents finding additional ways to support their children in this environment.  I and my staff have been welcomed into the Del Mar Hills setting to support our clients and help them integrate into the setting.


I can’t say enough good things about this Nursery school.

- Sherry C.

Caring, engaged staff that create an environment that feels like a home. Facilities that offer spaces and options that capture the minds of children and propel them into creative play. Responsive and thoughtful owners/operators who are on site and willing to talk about any need. My wife and I are both quite exacting educators and are very happy that Del Mar Hills Nursery School is her school home. I see her transitioning into Kindergarten at the nearby Del Mar Heights School (excellent!) with ease and confidence.

- Andrew S.

All four of my children went here – beginning in 1998, and ending in 2010, giving me 12 uninterrupted years as a DMHNS parent.  From 2010-2012 my eldest child worked there as a teacher’s assistant, which gave me insight into what goes on behind the scenes with the staff and administration.   I know I can’t speak to what it is like to be a parent there currently, but I wanted to balance the negative reviews with my own, very positive experience over a long period.


Polly Trump (owner) is an experienced, and exceptionally caring person, who has always, in my 14 years of experience with her, put the well-being and education of children first.  As a teacher with an MA in education, I do have some opinions of my own on education, and Polly never disappointed me.


All of my children grew in confidence and curiosity during their time there.  They learned independence, how to get along with others, and how to approach play without specific directions, thus developing imagination and creativity.  They learned by experience and trial and error.  They gained a love of music, which still thrives in them today.  They pretended, made art which did not come with step by step instructions, built block cities in cooperation with others, dressed up, learned about nature, got muddy.  They were nurtured by teachers who encouraged them to keep trying, and be proud of their efforts.  They were encouraged to be good little humans, by being praised for kindness, sharing, compassion, and cooperation.


They did not learn Latin, pre-algebra, SAT prep, or begin working on their Ivy League applications, so if that concerns you, this is not the school for you.  But if not, check it out.  I think you’ll be pleased.

- Kandace B.

After moving from Arizona I was very nervous about finding a quality preschool for our daughter. Luckily, we found Del Mar Hills Nursery School and they have exceeded my expectations. The teachers are wonderful and so loving towards the children. It makes me feel wonderful to hear my 4 year old daughter say that she loves her school and her friends. She has transitioned extremely well with the move and Del Mar Hills Nursery School has definately helped to make it much easier. Can’t say enough good things about the close knit, family atmosphere and the fostering of creative play and individuality for each child. Love you all:)

- Angie O.

Choosing for our daughter to attend Del Mar Hills Nursery School for two years has been one of the best decisions we ever made.  Our daughter has thrived in the loving, social, creative environment.  She is greeted every morning (with hugs) by some of the most caring individuals you can imagine.


The support system is strong–any minor issues that we have had (such as typical social-growth challenges among preschoolers) has been addressed properly through communication and most importantly patient teaching and then positive reinforcement with the children.  We feel comfortable that the school is an extension of our at-home socialization and education and the staff is very will to discuss and bridge that gap.
There is a strong sense of community within the school.  The faces are familiar, and the weekend birthday parties are frequent.

If you want your child to do Precalculus and read Shakespeare by age 5, then there are other preschools that might your family’s needs.  If you are happy with your child learning numbers and counting and learning letters and starting to spell, and to be supported, well rounded, and cared for by dedicated staff members at ever level then DMHNS is perfect.

If the following are values that you deem important for the development of your child, and by extension the development of your entire family, then there can’t possibly be a better environment:
-Open communication
-Learning through play
-Creativity and imagination
-Cultural diversity and promotion of understanding
-Diverse learning techniques
-And, yes, cognitive development as well

- Scott C.

Our second child will be attending the school without giving it a second thought.